Who We Are

The Student Union (SU) is the student government of Stuyvesant High School. The SU aims to bridge the gap between students, faculty, and administration and, in doing do, foster a strong sense of community and work to improve the experience of every student at Stuyvesant.

The Student Union President and Vice President are the leading representatives of the interests and goals of the student body. They are supported by an Executive Council (which consists of a Chief of Staff, two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, a Chief Auditing Officer, and an SLT Representative) and a Cabinet. The Cabinet is the legislative and decision-making body of the Student Union. It consists of the Directors of the 7 SU Departments as well as the Caucus leaders, who are elected to represent their respective grades. For more information on the structure and functioning of the Student Union, see the SU Constitution (linked under the "About" section).