SLT Attends SLT Meetings

The School Leadership Team meets once a month to discuss changes in school policy. The Student Representatives advocate for students among the faculty-, parent-, and student-comprised SLT.


On December 3rd, the School Leadership Team (SLT) met for the third time this year and discussed changes to the junior AP Physics 1 course, in addition to the Hallway and Cafeteria Codes of Conduct.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our form regarding the Hallway and Cafeteria Codes of Conduct. The goal of these documents is to clarify and emphasize pre-existing DOE rules, which can be found in the Chancellor’s Regulations. Both policies were updated for clarity and the final draft (version 1.4) will be voted on at the next meeting. Along with posting it around the school, we will share version 1.4 with you once we receive it.


The SLT Student Representatives are excited to continue representing students. Please email them any questions, comments or concerns at! You can view minutes, meeting dates, and all that other good stuff at