Exec is the brains of the SU

Working for a better tomorrow
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William Wang

William works hard for the students.

Vishwaa Sofat
Vice President

Vishwaa works hard for the students.

Nicholas Chan
Chief of Staff

Nicholas works hard for the students.

Lena Farley
Deputy Chief of Staff

Lena works hard for the students.

Nina Jennings
Chief Auditing Officer

Nina works hard for the students.

SU Financial
Ensuring the SU is funded

The Budget Department handles the money

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Ben Shpetner
CFO of Revenue Building

Ben Shpetner is the CFO of Revenue Building, which is responsible for bringing in funds for the Student Union through events, sales, and other projects.

Dylan Kim
CFO of Compliance, Safety, and Security

Dylan oversees the financial operations of the SU and ensures that all budgetary movements run smoothly and as planned.

Clubs & Pubs
Ensuring Clubs & Pubs run smoothly

The Clubs & Pubs Department of the Student Union is responsible for working with all of Stuyvesant's clubs, publications, and organizations to make sure that every student gets the most benefit (socially and academically) out of their four years at Stuyvesant. We do this by giving everyone the resources to successfully start, join, or manage a club. Our goal is to help all clubs and pubs be as organized and efficient as possible. To do this, the Clubs & Pubs Department assists clubs, publications, and organizations with making charters, reserving rooms, budgeting, and finding potential members. We are also responsible for making sure that all of Stuyvesant's activities adhere to all SU and DOE rules and regulations.

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Elizabeth Avakov
Clubs & Pubs Director

Elizabeth is the Co-Director of Clubs & Publications for the SU. She’s a junior and works hard to oversee Clubs & Pubs charters, communicate with club leaders about upcoming events and fundraising opportunities, and help students get involved in clubs.

Gordon Ebanks
Clubs & Pubs Director

Gordon is the Co-Director of Clubs & Publications for the SU. He is a Junior and this is second year doing Student Government. Gordon’s favorite thing about Stuy has always been the vibrant clubs and publications that make a big school like Stuyvesant, feel like a small school. This year he is excited to help all of Stuyvesant’s Clubs & Pubs be the best they possibly can.

Ensuring people know what's happening

Though the Student Union as a whole is in charge of ‘bridging the gap’, the Communications department is essentially that link between student body and the SU. We make sure students stay informed about what events are occurring, what actions the Student Union is taking, and generally what is going on at Stuyvesant. Some of our recent projects have included creating newsletters, social media posts, releases about new projects (such as the StuyActvities.org demo video), along with update videos. In other words, whether this involves writing emails, Facebook posts, or finding other creative ways to spread information to students, the Communications department ensures that the Student Union stays transparent to every Stuyvesant student!

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Shan Ara
Communications Director

Shan Ara is the SU’s Communications Director (2017-present). She directs Biweekly Update videos and co-writes scripts, social media posts, and newsletters. She helps bridge the gap between the Student Union and the student body. During her free time (what free time?), she walks her cat, Mue (pronounced Mew). She loves walking around the city, getting lost, and then panicking. She’s quirky and goooofy!

Daniela Maksin
Communications Director

Daniela Maksin is one of the two Student Union Communications directors. Along with writing newsletters, directing update videos, and managing social media, her main role is helping link the SU with the students. Other than that, she loves to play tennis, spend time with her friends and siblings, eat sushi, and play with cute dogs!

IT Department
Ensuring the SU is Technologically sound

The IT department has a hand in all SU activities that involve technology.

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Jesse Hall
IT Director

Jesse works hard for the students.

Alwin Peng
IT Director

Alwin fights hard for the students.

Student Leadership Team

SLT attends SLT meetings

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Joshua Weiner
SLT Representative

Joshua works hard for the students, and shows up on time.

External Affairs
Outside is important too

The External Affairs Department is in charge of expanding and maintaining the Student Union’s relationships with public and private organizations and entities. Composed of one delegate from each grade, we represent the interests of Stuyvesant students and work to secure resources and opportunities for them both in school and out of school. Some of our recent projects include the 5th Floor Balcony Reopening Project, the Stuy X CitiBike Program, StuyVantage, and the Civic Engagement Course. In addition, we represent Stuyvesant at the Borough Student Advisory Council, at the Youth Technical Assistance Center for Disproportionality, and at the Community Board 1 and Battery Park City Authority. We look forward to accomplishing a lot this year!/p>

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Emily Furman
External Affairs Delegate

Hi everyone! I’m a current senior who has been active on the Student Union’s External Affairs’ team since the start of junior year. I have had the privilege to serve on the Borough Student Advisory council, alongside youth council leaders all across Manhattan to collectively discuss how we can improve our student government and schools. I primarily focused on the plan to re-open fifth floor balcony, however hope to expand our projects for Stuyvesant this year to include a vast array of opportunities for students and establish stronger relations with our outside partners! I am also a passionate members of Stuy’s MUN team and have strong interest in international affairs, social activism, and civil rights. When I’m not in Stuy, I work as Deputy Director of Operations for a political consulting firm as well as tutor for a center focused on assisting challenged youth.

Thibaud Roy
External Affairs Delegate

My name is Thibaud Roy and I serve as a Delegate of External Affairs for Student Union. Going into my Junior year and knowing the workload that entails, I reevaluated my extracurricular activities. I cut down the number of activities I participate in, restricting myself to putting my full effort outside of school into the Stuyvesant soccer team and my position on SU. I applied for this position because I thought it was an interesting and rewarding position, and it has not let me down. Working alongside the external affairs team on projects such as the fifth floor balcony project and gaining experience in local politics and funding has been an eye-opening experience, and I look forward to a productive year.

Julian Giordano
External Affairs Delegate

Julian Giordano is a Sophomore at Stuyvesant HS interested in government, politics, and student activism. As a Delegate of External Affairs, Julian works hard to advocate on behalf of all students for greater opportunities in and outside of Stuy. Some of his favorite projects he's working on include the plan to re-open the fifth floor balcony and the Civic Engagement Course. In his spare time, Julian writes for the Opinions department of the Stuyvesant Spectator and is involved in local politics.

Neve Diaz-Carr
External Affairs Delegate

Neve works hard for the students.

Executive Delegates
The backbone of the SU

Executive delegates act as the pathway for executive to communicate with the departments efficiently.

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Emily Hur
Executive Delegate - Division 1

Emily Hur is the executive delegate for the budget and clubs and pubs departments and works to relay information to the SU executives and keep track of projects.

Aaron Wang
Executive Delegate - Division 2

Aaron Wang is a Freshman at Stuyvesant HS whose hobbies include eating, breathing, and being awesome. More importantly, Aaron is also the Executive Delegate of Communications and Information Technology. When he’s not doing his homework, he’s working closely with the Student Union Executive and his wonderful directors to dish out news updates and new website features for the Stuyvesant student body.

Lydia Lee
Executive Delegate - Division 3

I am the Executive Delegate of the Student Leadership Team: a group that works to create important policies that help make student life at Stuyvesant better and more efficient.

Michelle Kwon
Executive Delegate - Division 4

Michelle works hard for the students.

Damian Wasilewicz
Executive Delegate - Division 5

The division 5 executive delegate relays information between the Student Union executives and the caucuses, serving as the bridge between the two. This means collecting updates on a bi-weekly basis from each caucus in order to keep track of projects being worked on as well as their due dates, and then ensuring that the projects get done on time. The delegate also meets with both the SU and the caucuses in order to resolve tensions and try to keep operations between the two running smoothly.