External Affairs

Outside Is Important Too

The External Affairs Department is in charge of expanding and maintaining the Student Union’s relationships with public and private organizations and entities. They work to secure resources and opportunities for them both in school and out of school.


In November, External Affairs collaborated with Stuy Spectrum during Ally Week to distribute gender pronoun stickers as a way to spread awareness. They have additionally hosted 2 lectures as a part of their Speaker Series and plan on holding more this month! External Affairs also launched the third year of the Civic Engagement Course. The department is continuing to work with the 9/11 Memorial Museum to set up a volunteering portal for students. They have also continued working with the Spectator to live stream school sports games for students who aren’t able to watch them in person. External Affairs is additionally working together with the Environmental Club to set up ColorCycle, an organization that turns dried markers into clean fuel. Lastly, they are working on a musical showcase as well as a Financial Literacy Curriculum.