Executive Department

Overseeing and Facilitating Projects


The Executive Council consists of the SU President and Vice President, Chief of Staff, Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Chief Auditing Officer, and SLT Representative. The role of the Executive Council is to advise the SU President and Vice President and assist in managing the 7 SU Departments that make up the Cabinet.

The Student Union President and Vice President, Vishwaa Sofat and Julian Giordano, represent Stuyvesant on the Manhattan Borough Student Advisory Council (BSAC) and the Chancellor's Student Advisory Council (CSAC). These groups consist of student leaders from around the Borough and City that meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues within their schools and work directly with the DOE to address them on both an individual and systemic level.

NYC DOE Manhattan Borough Student Advisory Council and Chancellor's Student Advisory Council

The November BSAC meeting took place at the Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics. We learned about some of the great ways the student government engages the community through events, traditions, and work on policy proposals with the administration. As a BSAC, we also established working groups around certain topics. Vishwaa and Julian are focusing on two initiatives: allowing students to re-enter the school building from lunch early and unifying all grades onto a single online platform.

At the November CSAC meeting, the council established working groups and an outline of the work for the rest of the year. At the next meeting, CSAC will be engaging with adult partners from the DOE to begin learning, discussing, and proposing change concerning a variety of issues that students face across the city.