Civic Engagement and Student Activism

At Stuyvesant High School

If you want to better understand local government and learn how to make your voice heard in your community, but are not quite sure how to pursue this goal, then the Civic Engagement Course might be the place for you.

The Civic Engagement Course is an online course designed by the External Affairs Department of the Student Union. The course is designed to educate those interested in youth activism in New York City. Continuing from last year’s course, we will be sending out bi-weekly newsletters about opportunities for youth to get involved in local government and volunteer within their communities. These newsletters will also contain mini-"lessons" about the structure of government and politics at the State and City level.

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Julian Giordano, Neve Diaz-Carr, Thibaud Roy & Theo Kubovy-Weiss,
External Affairs Delegates,
Student Union,